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The night we had to persuade the Boom Boom Room to install a plasma so Jay-Z and Pharrell could watch the game...

Objective: Launch D’USSE, the latest expression of Cognac that dares the palate and the senses.

Strategy: Align the product with a venue that enhances the key brand messages, allowing the product to be the focus. Introduce a top tier group of brand appropriate influencers to experience the product first hand, in an authentic and organic manner. Layer in a social media extension to provide the opportunity to tell the story online, in real time.

Results: The Top of the Standard provided the perfect environment for over 300 celebrities, tastemakers and influencers to exclusively experience D’USSE, thus generating media in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, People.com, Metro NY, Page Six and many more. The crowd also took to Instagram, sending photos to their social networks resulting in 79,700 total impressions.